about neva

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name: neva seljan
rez date: february 7, 2009
plurk: neva seljan

this blog is the result of waaaaaay too much sl shopping!

nothing fancy. obviously. just a spot to visually sort my messy inventory. keeping it simple.

i dont use or know how to use photoshop, gimp, etc. i have no computer skills at all. this why the pictures look as they do. :P however, because there is no editing, what you see is what you get if should buy an item blogged. and thats pretty awesome, yes?

for genuine sl fashion blogs be sure to check out the feeds. those people know what theyre doing and do it awesomely. not just with fashion but with amazing computer skills. im so jealous! be warned though, they will make you poor. but youll look waaaaaaaaay cuter!

i rarely use upper case letters and proper puncuation. i have abandoned the apostrophe. i am in love with the exclamation point! (!!!) my grammar will make you cry. it will annoy you to no end but im super adorable and youll like me anyway. :P

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