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skin: glam affair - kallisto exotic (06/g) {available @ collabor88!}
teeth: the skinnery - bunneh teeth
eyes: poetic colors - opal eyes (rose wood)
eyelashes: just magnetized - eyeliner w/ lashes set 01 (01)
hair: spellbound - tooth brush (brunettes w/ bow) {available @ collabor88!}
top 1: baiastice - (part of) freedom bikini (blue) {available @ summerfest!}
top 2: baiastice - kafue top prints (zebra) {available @ collabor88!}
vest: the secret store - noah cropped vest (taupe) {available @ collabor88!}
pants: ingénue - osa pant (sunset) {available @ collabor88!}
shoes: ingénue - explorer sandals (sunset) {available @ collabor88!}
feet: slink - avatar enhancement flat feet
toe polish: hello dave - slink ae nails (high gloss greens & blues/colour change)
necklace: yummy - boomerang necklace (zebra) {available @ collabor88!}
bracelet right: izzie's - eternity bracelet (brown/texture change)
bracelet left: ison - safari tribe bracelet (gold) {available @ collabor88!}
hands: slink - avatar enhancement hands (flat & bag)
bag: lagyo - malika clutch (blue/gold) {available @ collabor88!}
cigarette: fnky! - cigarette II (right hand)
radio: tee*fy - retro portable radio (pixels brown) {from december 2012 arcade}
chair: trompe loeil - rivershire chair {available @ collabor88!}
rug: floorplan - faux fur rug (colour change) {available @ collabor88!}
pose: imeka - julliette (pose 3)
pose mod: edited head & arm with animare hud


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