Friday, 4 November 2011 | |

skin: illusory - paige honey (simple liner w/ freckles tattoo) {so un-neva!}
lips: illusory - paige lips pinks (bubblegum)
eyelashes: dutch touch - eyelashes plus kohl
eyelashes: mozz - eyelashes version 2 (08)
eyes: poetic colors - moon eyes (irish sea)
hair: tram - a816 hair (cork/b)
top 1: bp* - stripe shirt (pink)
top 2: doppelganger - drew cardigan (purple embroidered)
jacket: dp yumyum - tweed jacket (brown/check)
scarf: gawk - linen shawl (rose)
pants: illusory - the skinny basics (pink) {fatpackable!}
socks: g field - diamond socks classic (rose)
shoes: kick the can - story book mary janes (classic chocolate)
ring right: ha! - heidi ring (pyrite)
ring left: ruchica - plain rings
bag: epoque - pantone satchel (coffee liqueur)
pose: rozena


Valletta GopssipGirl said...

Ah not Dutch Touch, but still cute!

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