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#1 attempting to wear just one skin for 30 days is hard! and i am even cheating at that by wearing different tones. :D neva already looks weird to me when i put her in a different one.

#2 i am sick sick and unable to sleep. it might lead to blogging abuse.

skin: dutch touch - jaliah ebony chocolat (basic) {big sale at dutch touch! all male & female skins are discounted! go get beautiful!}
eyeliner: dutch touch - eyeliner serie 1 (nr 2)
eyelashes: dutch touch - eyelashes plus kohl
eyes: poetic colors - classic eyes (dark soil)
hair: love soul - hair 058 (jet black) {50% off sale a big selection of hairs!}
top: schadenfreude - oxford shirt (ivory)
cardigan: bingo - blessa (rose pink) {part of outfit, i dare you not to fatpack!}
scarf: mr. poet - wide scarf (colour change)
pants: dp yumyum - bf jeans (02/used)
belt: bukka - double ring belt (colour change)
shoes: fir & man - the ryall loafers (black) {thought i was buying different shoes & fatpacked by accident. so glad i did because these are awesome!}
earrings: north west - sissi square hoops (colour change/small)
ring: yummy - plastic rose ring (sea foam)
bag: so many styles - short strap tote (pink)
pose: marukin


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